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Group texts Can’t text

I've been here awhile

I have been in a group text for a few months. This weekend no one can see my texts anymore. I am still in the group, I can see everyone else’s texts. I am in the group still. No one has blocked me. I have reset my phone, powered on and off with messenger and FaceTime off. I have reset my network settings. I have compared my settings to other group members, they are the same. Help please.


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Re: Group texts Can’t text


Hello @ADree,


Welcome to the Community!


You've come to the right place, since you've posted in the Apple board, I assume you're using an iPhone. In order to help you I have a couple of questions:


1) Is the MMS Messaging enabled on your phone? See Settings > Messages and turn on MMS Messaging. 

2) Have you made any changes to your service recently?

3) Are other features of the plan i.e. calling, texting, data working without any issues?

4) Is the cellular data turned on?


Looking forward to hearing from you.





Re: Group texts Can’t text

I've been here awhile
Thank you for your questions @RogersZia
Yes I have a iPhone 14. Yes my MMS and cellular data is on. No changes to my plan. Everything else appears to be working and my other group chats appear to be fine with people who are not part of that group. … I need to double check that, I believe I responded to a chat with 2 members of the group one iPhone one android and I am not sure if it went through. That being said previously this smaller group chats always went through.
I am looking forward to a solution because I am out of ideas to try.

Re: Group texts Can’t text

Greetings @ADree, 👋


I'm sorry to hear about text messaging issues you're facing. Are you able to try the following steps to see if this resolves the issue?


Go to settings > messages. Verify that iMessage, send as sms, mms messaging, and group messaging are enabled

Try closing all apps, shutting down the phone and powering it back on. Also, make sure you have the latest iOS update installed. 


Please let us know if that works!






Re: Group texts Can’t text

I'm a reliable contributor

Just a question? Are you a real estate agent or someone who does mass messaging blasts? Somtimes they get blocked by the Rogers anti spam features. I would speak to tech support and confirm you didn't get blocked. There may be a specific feature they can add, but I can't confirm if it was discontinued. Speak to a Mod here

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