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Apple Watch Data Plan: Is It Worth the Hassle?

I plan to stick around

Back in October I was in a similar situation with my AW4. After a lot of hassle and enormous time wasted, RogersMaude here helped and solved the problem. My AW4 has been able to connect to the Rogers network flawlessly since.


However, after three months of bliss, I realized that it's virtually never that I leave from home without my iPhone. Not only over the years I have become perfectly accustomed to always have the iPhone with me as an extension to my hand, but also AW4's functions are crippled if the iPhone is not nearby (especially many third party apps, like Viber and Fongo would not work). As a result, my data usage on my AW4 is minimal. For example, I used only 1 MB over the last 18 days! So I am now seriously considering cancelling the AW4 wireless plan.


Here is my philosophical question to you all: Are you using your AW4 a lot without your iPhone, so is the AW4 data plan that critical to you? Is it really worth the hassle that Rogers has been putting us through?


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Re: Apple Watch Data Plan: Is It Worth the Hassle?

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Retired Moderator

Hey @MichaelYYZ!

Personally I'm in a similar mindset but there have certainly been moments where I'm at the gym and I want to leave my phone in the locker. Having data on the watch would be convenient then. That said, each persons individual needs may vary though I guess. That said it would definitely be nice to gauge where the community mindset is with this :). Maybe start with our Resident Expert and one of many fantastic go to's for all things Apple Watch @nasa25? Thoughts?

Edit: @is also an awesome person to kick things off ^-^.


Re: Apple Watch Data Plan: Is It Worth the Hassle?

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Hello @MichaelYYZ

Most users that use the watch use it for health / calling or texting. Nothing much more then that. I have been helping other forums regarding the use of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 LTE and many have including my self only go towards near 5-10MB.

The hardcover ones are the ones using it for let's say Uber, Shazam and more business wise apps. Those take up some more data.

Remember, if you leave your iPhone at home, in the car or locker you start using cellular connection. Which means anything like emails, uber, security cameras, sports or news apps and anything related to data will start adding up. The more u use the cellular connection ( and not connected via WiFi or Bluetooth to the iPhone) the more data you will use.

Re: Apple Watch Data Plan: Is It Worth the Hassle?

I plan to stick around

@RogersAndy @Meowmix


Thanks, both of you for the feedback. It's appreciated.


I think it all depends on how one uses the AW4. I work mostly from home so I am 80% of the time at home. Then, when I leave home it's very rare that I leave my iPhone behind. On the rare occasion when I did, it felt quite unnatural not having the phone with me...weird, eh?


My biggest pet peeve is that the apps that I mostly use for texting - Viber and Fongo - do not work when the iPhone is not nearby, which makes me want to take the phone with me always. I am not sure if it's an Apple limitation for those apps - some other third-party apps work without the iPhone nearby, others don't - but this is a big drawback for me.


I'm guessing that a lot of people practice various sports, where the extra weight of an iPhone is detrimental, so they'd rather leave the phone at home. 


In the end, Rogers is selling a service to me and I need to figure out if I can make good use of it.


The help of the community here will also be useful and tremendously appreciated. 

Re: Apple Watch Data Plan: Is It Worth the Hassle?

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Sorry guys,

Been busy the past couple weeks and just catching up.

This winter, I must admit I haven’t been getting a ton of use out of the LTE capability of my Apple Watch, however during the summer when I’m out on a walk/run or just out and about, it’s super convenient to be able to not have to lug around a cellphone at all times.

I also play sports and having the ability to receive calls/texts and notifications while on the field/court is amazing.

An LTE Apple Watch paired with AirPods is a real game changer imo.
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