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S22 Ultra current pre order status?

I Plan to Stick Around
Hello, I was able to secure a reservation for a white S22 Ultra 512GB for pickup at the store, when it is available and I believe it was something like position 23 when I initially ordered. I'm just wondering if it's possible I could check if that's changed? Or is it possible to see when it's expected to be available??

Re: S22 Ultra current pre order status?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

High demand for a very expensive phone that is normally out of reach for a big chunk of the population.   Ahh well This problem does not affect me, I cant afford the S22 ultra so I will spend my money on a less expensive phone that I CAN afford and there is stock available (no wait list)

Re: S22 Ultra current pre order status?

I'm a Reliable Contributor
I had a Rogers rep cold call me the other day just seeing if they could offer me anything better plan wise (they can't, I'm on the 50GB/$85 plan), and he was shocked that I already had my S22U. He asked me how I got one already (got a black 256GB in store on day 1), so they must be REALLY short on stock.
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