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Rogers Ignite TV App on Android 11 Tablet

I Plan to Stick Around

I just picked up a Blackview Tab 11 which runs stock Android 11 to replace my Google Nexus 10. The Ignite app worked on my Nexus 10 but on my Tab 11 I can only get recorded content to play while live and on-demand content error out.


Has anyone else had a similar issue? I saw some similar issues reported with FireTV devices but my new tablet is running stock Android.



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Re: Rogers Ignite TV App on Android 11 Tablet


Hi @bergang!


Thank you for posting your query here for the Community! I have not heard of any issues with the app on the tablet. As long as your device is running Android 7.0 or later which it sounds like it is.


Let us take a quick look at some other things. Do you have location services turned on, on your device? If you don’t enable location services on your device, you will not have access to live and On Demand Ignite TV content. You’d only have access to pre-downloaded content.


Other troubleshooting to try as well is uninstalling and reinstalling the app to ensure you have the latest version and reboot the tablet device.


Let us know if any of that helps!



Re: Rogers Ignite TV App on Android 11 Tablet

I Plan to Stick Around

I have checked the configuration and toggled location services on/off as well as restarted and reinstalled the app. I can confirm the app is accessing location services by looking in the System Settings for Location Services as Android shows you "Recent location requests" which the Ignite TV App is listed. The app itself is configured to automatically have access while it is running.


This tablet is capable of mobile data even though I am running it in WiFi only mode as I do not have a sim in it. Is it possible there are some issues with location services and the app with mobile data disabled due to no sim installed? My Nexus 10 was WiFi only and was not capable of mobile data. Turning mobile data off is different than not having a sim as even with mobile data off I would still be attached to the network and be assigned a location and routing area code if the tablet had a valid sim.

Re: Rogers Ignite TV App on Android 11 Tablet

Hello @bergang!


Thank you for trying all the above troubleshooting steps. 

Are you connected via your own in-home WiFi? Have you tried the Ignite TV on the browser (Chrome) of the tablet? 


Here is the link for the Ignite TV website.


Keep us posted!


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