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Deleting voicemail messages without calling? (Android)

I've been here awhile

I heard that Android doesn't have Visual Voicemail. So I have boomers leaving useless messages such as "call me" , instead of sending a text.


While I can't turn off voicemail altogether, as it still has a purpose, i.e. important phone calls, it would be nice if I didn't have to dial into my voicemail to delete useless messages, not to mention the persistant notification on Android that sits there taking up space until you dial your VM to listen or delete your messages (how is this still an issue?)


My next step is to forward my VM to Youmail or another service, but I'd like to avoid that as I'm also using Simultaneous Ring (Unison), which means my outgoing VM message has to fake "press 1" to even answer the call (janky AF). 


It would be a lot easier if I could just block specific phone numbers from leaving a Voice messages, but I'm guessing that's never going to happen, because that would make too much sense for a product such as Android voicemail that no one is working on improving. 


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Re: Deleting voicemail messages without calling? (Android)

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Resident Expert

Here is my 2 cents.


You can not change peoples habits if they call you and you are not available they will chose to leave a voicemail weather you like it or not.  You are more than welcome to mention in your voicemail recording that you prefer they hang-up and send you a text message instead, or you can call rogers and have the voicemail service completely excluded from your line if you do not wish to ever use it.


But Call me a boomer if u want, but to me Voicemail is still necessary,  My family doctor calls me and if im not available, then they leave a message.  When my dentist calls, and I am unable to answer it, they leave a message.  Lots of businesses will leave messages for you.


I know it seems tedious to call in to check your voicemail but that is how it has been for the last 30 years or more so if u want maybe try my advice on your greeting and it may reduce how often you call in to check messages,

Re: Deleting voicemail messages without calling? (Android)

I'm here a lot

2 measly cents?
I paid Shaw about $7 a month for Visual Voice Mail, and was flabbergasted that Rogers discontinued Android VVM about 3-5 years ago.


I would happily pay $7 a month for Premium Crabble OR VVM (hint, I'd choose VVM like the masses), but I won't pay $7 a month for the wrong choice no one wants. Does anyone like Premium Crabble?


Was that worth $7? Switching to Rogers, I may have set my sights higher than a couple cents of the value I am getting for this Corporate Merger..  They said I'd have the same service. That's just one of many lies, whoops, I mean accidental miscommunications in my transfer of services.


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