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IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around


I have purchased a phone (Samsung Alpha) privately from a person on October 15th. Phone was locked to Bell, but I got it unlocked.
I paid him in full and his reason for selling it was because he was looking to get a different phone.
He gave me the receipt that he purchased the phone from Wireless Etc.. in a Costco Store. Under his name and number.

I have checked the phone if it was blacklisted and it wasn't. Phone was sealed and brand new.

So I used to phone until Nov 1st, (over 2 weeks) to notice that morning my phone was only working on WI-FI?

I don't know what to do? I cannot get a hold of the person anymore. That number is invalid and doesnt exist.
I have paid for this phone and now I am stuck and I cannot use it.


I did use it for 2 weeks with a Rogers Sim Card and everything was working fine until Nov1st in the morning.

Please help.

Thank you





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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I'm Here A Lot

thank you on the phone with rogers now


Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @arkie

Hopefully they can fix it for u! Let us know!

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around

LG G8 Blacklisted after using for over 5 months


Hello, I am looking for some help, since I purchased LG G8 from someone and it is Rogers phone. Prior buying on Aug 3 I called Rogers and to check IMEI number which they confirmed it is cleaned. On Aug 2019 I bought this phone which was 2 weeks old, I called Rogers within an hour and informed about the purchased and they confirmed logging into my account.


Now after almost 5/6 months Jan 24 2020 around 3:00PM my phone stop working/making calls or accessing data. I called Rogers and they confirmed my calls at the time of purchase but told me seller reported and listed in blacklist. I tried to call seller but she is not accepting she sales the phone, but I have saved her messages and kijiji ad along with her address. I tried to call local police but they refused help. Please advise what I can do, I really need a phone and can't afford new phone at this time.

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

The first thing I would question is what happens to the phone when a Rogers customer sells the phone?  By that I mean, does Rogers register the phone as "now owned" by another user?  How does that ownership transfer take place within Rogers database?  Did Rogers acknowledge the sale of the phone at the time of the sale?  If not, I would assume that Rogers considered the phone as being owned by the original owner.  


Now, if Rogers acknowledged your ownership of the phone, how can the previous owner blacklist the IMEI?  Was this done thru Rogers, and if so, why didn't the IMEI show up as being registered to you? 


Personal opinion, if Rogers did acknowledge the ownership transfer and you were listed as the rightful owner, then the blacklist issue is a Rogers issue to sort out.  It all depends on whom Rogers considers to be the rightful owner. 


Given that the original owner has now decided to blacklist the phone, this looks like fraud.  I would guess that she might have claimed a lost phone on her insurance and might have had to provide some proof that she reported the loss in some fashion, including blacklisting the IMEI.  


The other consideration here is whether or not the phone was purchased as part of a cell phone plan, with a payment schedule over two years (?).  I think that's the max time limit these days.  If that's the case, and Rogers procedure is to write off the phone loss, then the woman has committed fraud against Rogers.  That's something that Rogers should look into.  So, that's something that you might want to raise with Rogers.  Not that it helps you at the present time, but I would bet that this might not be the first time she has done this.  


I think there are only two avenues, one to report the incident to the police, perhaps someone connected with fraud investigations, and take the individual to small claims court.  Small claims court might be a pain, but, who knows, you might win by default if she doesn't show up.  Trying to collect any damages might be another hurdle however.  Don't have any suggestions on that one. 

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Rogers has acknowledge what is going on with this account, but for privacy law they cannot disclose it. Police is useless in this case, they have already refused it. I don't know where that lady lives, she is not answering my call. she sent text message when I told her I am filing a complain into Waterloo police. she said, "She didn't sale any phone" when I sent her copy/pic of her messages at the time of purchase, then she didn't replied.


Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I wonder if the issue with the police refusing to do anything is the result of how you might have explained the situation.  To me, this looks like fraud, not just a commercial transaction dispute between two parties.  I suspect that you need to find the fraud investigation members of the police staff to discuss the matter.  If that is whom you were already talking to, I'm at a loss for any further ideas to progress this with the police.  It would appear that you have enough evidence that the phone was sold to you, I think you need to find the right police staff members to discuss the situation.


As for Rogers, if Rogers acknowledged that you are the legitimate owner of the phone, that brings up the question of how someone, anyone can report a phone that they don't own as been stolen and blacklisting the IMEI.  You need some explanation from Rogers on how this was done, assuming that Rogers acknowledges you as the owner of the phone.  If so, how does Rogers plan to fix the situation for you ?  Maybe the best idea is to press the issue with the moderators as a starting point.  You can send them a message by following this @CommunityHelps link.  That takes you to their public page when you're signed into your account.  Further down the page is a link to "Send this user a private message".  Follow that link to the message composition page.  It will already be addressed.  Just have to type in a Subject and the details and hit send at the bottom.  When you're logged into the forum, watch for a number overlaying your avatar at the upper right hand corner of the web page.  That avatar also serves as a link to your profile, message inbox/outbox, etc.  Follow the envelope icon down to your message inbox to see the response from @CommunityHelps or one of the moderators. 

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Finally I gave up and Rogers has refused to help. I ended up getting Samsung A70 from Rogers but my plan is also change due to financing, where I have to almost $90+ more a month. It was very terrible situation, seller didn't answer, Rogers and police refused to help.

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

Did you ever find out how the original owner was able to blacklist the phone if you were recognized by Rogers as the legitimate owner of the phone.  That's a key question that needs an answer. 


Fwiw, maybe a few pointed social media posts, naming names, dates and $$ might generate a response, if nothing else, to shame the seller and possibly prevent her from doing it again to someone else.  

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi Datalink,

No, Rogers didn't tell and original owner is not answering. I personally think it is a insurance fraud.  Rogers has record of my call for Aug 4 2019 in which I asked to put IMEI on my account, they also acknowledge it, but they told me there is no way to remove it from blacklist. All I was given a life time saving option, in case of buying a new phone they will waive $35 activation fee.


I have put seller pic and phone number on kijiji to warn other people. I don't care about the outcomes. 


At last the things bother me, Rogers is aware what is going on, but they didn't even bother to offer any discount phone, as I said in my last post I ended up getting Samsung A70 which was the cheapest option, but it is kinda slow phone to me.

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

My phone was blacklisted due to non payment. I paid off my whole remaining balance 4 months ago, since then I am contacting rogers. Every time they direct me to some department, note down my imei number and tell me to wait for 72 hours and it will work. I have called and waited 7 times for my 72 hours. Why is rogers not cooperating with their customers. When they needed money payback, they called at 5:00 am morning but since I paid in whole, they keep on ignoring me. Why are they doing this? If someone from rogers is reading, please help me. 🙏

Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

I Plan to Stick Around

Send email to CRTC, most of times Rogers try to screw customers. FYI - My phone is still blacklisted and sitting right in front of my like paper weight.

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