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Any other Note10+ plus users having issues with battery drain?

I'm here a lot

So I upgraded from a S9+ to a note 10+ and figured the battery life would be better considering the size of the battery on the note 10+


All updates have been installed so im running the latest firmware N975WVLS2BSLA


So I have been monitoring and overnight I lost 8% over about 7hrs vs with my S9+ I would lose maybe 3-4%


I lowered my resolution to 720p, disabled all background apps I dont use, lowered my screen brightness, also turned on power saver and blocked apps I dont use from using background data.


I uninstalled or disabled all apps I dont use as well


Just curious if anyone else is having similar issues? Some people said it takes about a week for the battery to stabilize but first time I hear of such a thing. Also I noticed when charging the phone (not fast charging) sometimes i will say 4hrs till full and later 2hrs and then it goes back up




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Re: Any other Note10+ plus users having issues with battery drain?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Many phones do app updates in the background, sometimes specifically when connected to WiFi.    Sometimes my old iPhone 5S may be down only a few percent overnight, but other times it can be down by 10-20%.  (I have Google offline maps which may be updated, etc.) This may be why they say to wait a week, because by then most updates of your new phone may have taken place and then the updates are not so "regular".  You may wish to plug the phone in overnight until then, or not...


It may also be that it takes a bit of time for the algorithm for battery use to get "used" to the battery, hence the comments regarding the battery - it's not the battery itself, but the algorithm that's "learning".

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