About Google ban on Huawei phone

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About Google ban on Huawei phone

Hi All,


I am wondering if Huawei future phone is banned by Google service like Google Map or Youtuber or Gmail, can I install them my myself? I know all Android app can be installed from an APK file like setup.exe file in Windows. For example, once I get a Huawei phone without those app preinstalled, can I just simply go to Google web site and download them then install them? Anyway those services or app are free to personal users. Any idea?


My second question is will Rogers discontinue Huawei phone because of Google ban? I heard Huawei will have their own OS later which is fullly compatiable with current Android OS and its app.






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Re: About Google ban on Huawei phone

Good evening @wawa2010,


Thank you for posting to the Rogers Community! We appreciate your contribution.


On May 20, Google announced it has suspended some business with Huawei in order to comply with U.S. government restrictions. I completely understand your concerns regarding the impact this may have on Huawei products and devices.

Basic Google services will still function on the Android operating system used in Huawei's current smartphones. You will still have access to your Google Apps, including, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play and YouTube. You will also continue to receive security updates and updates to Google apps and Android dispatches.


At this time, I am unable to confirm further information on Huawei OS etc.


Hope this helps!



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Re: About Google ban on Huawei phone

@wawa2010 and others who may be wondering about Huawei phone given the upcoming Google ban, have a look at the following article.  Hopefully it will clarify the present future.  Keep in mind that this may change when the U.S. president decides to follow a different course of action for Huawei.




The problems will arise when Google cuts Huawei off of Android updates, although, as stated in the article, Android is open source so Huawei could promulgate their own updates.  Those updates probably wouldn't match up with Google's updates, as a guess.  The bigger problem will be the loss of the play store and the security that Google brings to app distribution, although that is arguable sometimes.  Huawei could probably find other apps for distribution, but, app security should be a major concern, that is to say, are the replacement apps built with trusted systems which are not infected with various types of malware?  Anyone who uses their Huawei phone for banking and other personal items should be concerned with the security of the phone when Google's cut off takes affect.  

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Re: About Google ban on Huawei phone

Thanks for the official response 🙂
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