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impossible to communicate with Rogers

I've been around

I have been trying to contact rogers since mid November re my charges.  Every time where put between half an hour to 70 minutes and finally had to disconnect and back to work.  Unfortunately we all have to make a living and spending so much time to contact your internet company does not make sense to anybody.  It seems that these people put you on hold on  purpose.  Maybe some peopled sitting on the other side of line or chat room and laughing to us!!!



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Re: impossible to communicate with Rogers


Hello @hamidtabarsi,


Welcome to the Community!


Please do not think we are deliberately placing our customers on hold. I know the past couple of weeks we've had really long wait times and it's not easy to stay on the phone for hours upon end. We are trying our best to get to all the customers as quickly as we can.


As always you can also send us a message through Facebook Messenger, X, or Instagram. Even if all the reps are busy, you can still send us a message and feel free to go about your day until one is available.






Re: impossible to communicate with Rogers

I've been around

This is not recent. I have been trying to get hold of rogers since Nov 2023 it is now Feb 2024 and still the long wait times. The paradox is if a customer calls for activating a new product it gets answered almost immediately.


Even after getting through to someone it takes hours to resolve simple issues. First wait for 3 to 4 hours from someone to answer then be prepared to spend another 1 to 2 hours with the rep.

This is getting worst every month. Unfortunately you have a monopoly (either rogers or bell) but that does not give you the right to disrespect your customers. 

Re: impossible to communicate with Rogers

I've been around

Call to activate another line... Sales answers right away. They are definitely providing terrible support to encourage you to use their terrible chat bot or website. 

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