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I've been around

We wanted to change the ownership of the account from my name to my wife's name, the representative Jennifer, for interaction#'s for account# ending in7269  was I 202488**** &  for account# ending in 5316  was I 202488****, who handled our case was very cooperative, good knowledge, striving to help and sort out the problem, she had systemic issues and issues with old account but the way she handled the whole case was outstanding. She went above and beyond to help us out as our old account was causing systemic issues. very proactive to take the case up to higher management to find solution to the problem, it took quite time but being persistent to find solution and help the customer and being calm and composed during whole interactions was Excellent.


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Rogers customer service has changed a lot and excels over Bell for sure.


Re: handling of account


Good day @vikanikak,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for bringing this up to our attention.


We are thrilled to learn about your positive experience and great feedback surrounding the level of customer service you received while performing the transfer of responsibility.


For future references, feel free to send a commendation by filling in the form at Send a Compliment.


We're glad to know your opinion regarding the service Rogers offers has changed for the better.


Please don't hesiate to let us know if you need assistance with anything else!



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