WOW, great customer service Rogers, thank you!!

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WOW, great customer service Rogers, thank you!!

Today, I contacted Rogers to find out my data overage, then I got below snarky comment. I just want to say bravo Rogers, almost 20 years with you guys, had our high and lows, but this is something else. How do you train your employee with your customer service nowadays.





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Re: WOW, great customer service Rogers, thank you!!

Hello @gtung,


Welcome to the Community!


I realize my colleague's suggestion may have seemed curt, but I'm sure it wasn't intended to be mean. Matching data usage on an invoice is a rather arduous task and I believe the rep just wanted to advise you of so.


Were you able to get your usage concerns addressed? Please let us know if you have any follow up questions about the data usage.


Check out the Tips to Manage Wireless Data Usage page to help you better manage your data usage so that you can continue to enjoy your smartphone.


Thank you for your long time association with Rogers :).