Data Roaming Charges While Visiting Canada

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Data Roaming Charges While Visiting Canada

My friend is visiting from England. He says he will be charged huge data charges by his carrier because Rogers charges are very high.



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Re: Data Roaming Charges While Visiting Canada

I was not sure if this was a Question or a Comment? but Yes! I agree! Data is expensive. When ever my relatives from Europe or USA come here to Visit me, they don't even use Data cus they all know its expensive anywhere other than your home network.  We have a broadband modem at our place so our guests connect to the wireless and use that when they visit to surf the net.  and when we are out  for a night on the town or at restaurants or movies or what not, they resist the urge to pick up their phone and send a tweet or use the 'gram or the 'book because theyre travelling, so they only use it at our house and it seems to solve the proble,