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Upfront Edge Return issues

I've been here awhile

Do not end/return/upgrade your Upfront Edge plan on the website. I did. Got the new phone but have received the run around and horrible solution options to return the phone.
I’ve spent hours on the phone, going to a store, hours on the phone again, only to have to go to Canada Post and mail it in myself with a code that hopefully works.
Save yourself the hassle and go to a store. Don’t do anything online, through the app or over the phone.
The staff were pleasant but they were not given the proper tools by Rogers to help me. It has been painful!


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Re: Upfront Edge Return issues

I am planning/preparing for my contract end.  I have a Samsung Galaxy ZFold 4 512GB and it is in great condition.  I cared for it by installing a cover and screen protector.  Its my intention to upgrade again and finance just like I did before for the Samsung Galaxy ZFold 5 512GB or higher if another version is out with Rogers as I've been doing.  When I did this last one - I did so at Costco.  I plan to return there because the reps are great. 


My questions are this:  I've read alot about Return Kits.  Do I one?  If so, where do I get it.  OR - can I take the phone to Costco to return and upgrade there?


It would be very helpful if Rogers could provide & outline a guide to this for customers so that they know exactly what to do.  I understand - if I keep the device, I repay the Upfront Edge Amount on the next Rogers Bill.  I also see that you can return the device through an authorized return option.  But is Costco one?  To return - I assume - we remove our case and the screen protector?


I will say that I do have concerns that I will be told the screen is damaged - when it is not as this happened when I sold my other phone to Rogers.  I know my screen had no damage but they said it did.  I will be doing a video & pictures of my phone prior to returning to support my interests should this happen.


I look forward to a detailed reply to the questions above.  Thanks so much.


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