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Unbelievably Slow Chat

I've been around

I recently contacted Rogers through their chat service about receiving a refund on a credit balance.  The process during the chat session was at a snails pace. It took over an hour and a half just to receive my refund ticket reference numbers. Every time I would receive a message on the chat and respond, it would take at least 5 to 10 minutes for the Rogers representative to reply. The request was not complicated at all, just a simple refund on a cancelled account. It was agonizing waiting for response from the representative at every step.  How can Rogers even call this customer support? Customers are busy too and do not have hours to sit and wait for responses from the reps. I could have gone out and done my grocery shopping during the time it took to get my refund tickets. And that is not even the end of it...apparently now I wait for another Rogers rep to contact me by phone to verify everything. I am very glad that I will not longer be dealing with Rogers as I have now cancelled my account. Rogers needs to improve or they will continue to lose more customers. 


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Re: Unbelievably Slow Chat


Thank you for your feedback.


We are sorry to see you go. 


We always strive to do better and hope that we can win your business back again in the future.




Re: Unbelievably Slow Chat

I've been around

I am trying to cancel too, now i am waiting at 20mins mark for agent to reply in chat. This is frustrating. Never Rogers again. This is the first time in 17 years i had to cancel and it's this difficult. 

Re: Unbelievably Slow Chat

I've been here awhile

Yes I have to wait 10 minutes before this person send me a reply and it was super time consuming.  Horrible experience. 

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