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Topic: Cancelling Rogers & Want to Retain Email Address

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I am leaving Rogers as an internet service provider however, I want to keep my email address since I've had it for decades and concerned that once rogers reactivates that domain for another user, that other individual may receive my confidential email from addresses that have not been updated due to various reasons.  What can Rogers offer as a minimal service to keep just the email address without an exorbitant internet fee?  My assumption is that security and confidentiality would be a key concern as it relates to rogers customers and wanted to understand what rogers has implemented to address this expressed desire for customers to retain this minimal service.


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Re: Topic: Cancelling Rogers & Want to Retain Email Address

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Rogers doesn't offer such a service, however, this topic has been discussed many times on this forum. What most people do is move their e-mail address to a friend or relative that still uses Rogers.  You can then access your e-mails just like before (via Webmail for example) after changing the password.  See the following recent thread discussions:


It would be highly unlikely that a new user would want/use the exact same e-mail address as you currently have, unless perhaps it's something common like.  (I'm not sure that even happens)


You may wish to make a clean break of it and create a new e-mail address that is not tied to a service provider, so that you never run into this issue again - say Gmail.


Be aware that if you use an e-mail client like Outlook, you cannot currently create a new app password for it (with Rogers).

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