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Stop the robocalls.

I'm here a lot

Rogers, your phone number of 1-888-764-3771 has now been blocked. You see I made the mistake of answering this call. After the last time I told you I wasn't interested in any promotions or anything of that matter. Please do not call just to say thank you because it's not like anybody there actually cares. Rogers just looks at us like we're walking dollar signs. None of the head people have any actual love for their customers. So thank you for not listening to me. I can see we're off to a great start here. When I switched from Bell to Rogers I got a good deal. Well.. good enough for the time. Now? It's sucks like all the rest and since it's impossible to get a new phone for a reasonable price I'll simply go to a different supplier and keep this phone a little while longer.


It's simply not worth staying with Rogers any more.



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Re: Stop the robocalls.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I would update your marketing permissions if I were you. Sometimes if you tell the agent on the line to stop calling you, they may only remove you from that particular ad campaign but may still call you for other campaigns.


Every customer has a profile that you can set to "do not contact" just call and request it. sometimes blocking the number wont stop them from calling you from another call centre.

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