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Rogers Premium Device Protection with AppleCare+

I've been here awhile

Hey all,

So I am interested in getting Rogers Device Protection. My phone is an iPhone 15 Pro Max. I already have AppleCare+ month-to-month on my phone and activated that right when I bought it.

So how does Rogers Premium Device Protection work when you already have AppleCare+? Do you cancel AppleCare+ via Apple and keep it up with Rogers, does Rogers give you a reduced fee for the PDP?

Basically, I am really interested in the loss/theft insurance that Rogers provides that AppleCare does not.

Also, when a device is stolen does Rogers make a point of blacklisting both the IMEI and IMEI2 of a device or just the one registered on the network? I’ve seen reports of stolen dual sim or eSIM phones being used with the imei number that wasn’t registered with the carrier and blacklisted when the device was stolen. I have printed out the IMEI1/IMEI2 of my phone and have retained the box with that and the serial number - if my device were stolen could I provide both IMEI’s for blacklisting?




Re: Rogers Premium Device Protection with AppleCare+


Good morning @gnuneg!


Great questions!


If you wish to have Device Protection for the added peace of mind of loss/theft protection, Apple Care+ must be removed first. We do not provide a discount if you already have Apple Care+. 


Blacklisting involves a block on your device's IMEI (serial number). You can contact us directly and let us know you'd also like the device's IMEI number added to a shared national blocklist. That means participating Canadian mobile service providers won't let your lost device connect to their respective wireless networks.




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