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Roaming Charges

I've been around

I came back from our winter vacation and I got a surprise bill from Rogers. I suspended my service for about two and a half months and restarted on Jan 23 at the end of the cycle.I used my iPhone via Whats app removed my SIM card just in case, and put in a Cuban one. To my surprise, I got roaming charges for $60.00.Not only that i phoned Rogers several times and waited a minimum 25min before I was connected.And after a few minutes each time I was disconnected again and again..My bill came with $307.06 and I think that the times came to open all companies in that sector to fully and freely operate not unlike Rogers who has sole operational rites to do whatever they like..This is nothing but a monopoly on us..To bad we have the nonoperational both provincial and federal governments.


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Re: Roaming Charges


Hello, @keswick.


Thank you for joining our Community and sharing your recent service experience.


It is frustrating to incur unexpected charges on your bill, especially when your account is inactive. You were billed for roaming while your account was suspended, and the SIM card removed is particularly puzzling.


The temporary suspension blocks all services; hence, getting billed is impossible. However, there is a suspension fee of $30/month plus applicable device financing payments. Are you sure you see roaming charges on your bill?


Please open up the PDF file of your bills and check the breakdown of the charges. If you see roaming charges during the suspension period, we can further investigate the charges for you.


Please keep us posted.



Re: Roaming Charges

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yeah are you sure it was Roaming charges? can you check your actual bill, download and view it, was it a suspension fee for 2 months?

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