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Returning Modem via UPS?

I've been around

Is there a recommended UPS for the Rogers Ignite Modem


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Re: Returning Modem via UPS?

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@Dne1 I'm assuming from the title that you want to return the modem to Rogers. Rogers uses Canada Post to return equipment.  Have a look at the following Rogers page:


Before you pack up the modem, take a picture of the bottom or back of the modem which shows the modem model and serial number.  Keep that photo for now.  


When you take the box to a Canada Post outlet to ship, obtain a receipt for the boxDo not leave the Canada Post outlet without that receipt.  That will show the tracking number.  Keep track of the box as it progresses via Canada Post to the Rogers Warehouse.  Keep the receipt for the box until such time that Rogers acknowledges that it has received the modem, has removed it from your account and that you're free and clear of any charges for that modem.  That could take a while, weeks, months??  


Here is Canada Post's tracking page:


For whatever reason, Rogers typically loses the box somewhere in the warehouse.  It doesn't appear that returned equipment is logged in when it arrives, and it ends up on a shelf somewhere, waiting to be logged in.  In the mean time, Rogers billing system runs on a short string, and when it decides that you haven't returned the box, even though its sitting in the warehouse, Rogers will bill you for what it deems to be full "Rogers" value for the box.  Its probably worth $5 to $10 dollars, at the most, but, you will end up with a bill for over one hundred dollars.  If the bill isn't paid, Rogers will send the bill to a debt collector and you will end up with a negative report on your credit file with Equifax and/or Transunion.  Remember, the billing system doesn't wait for the warehouse management system to sort itself out.


If you know that the modem has arrived at the warehouse, and you end up with a bill for the modem, send a message to the moderators.  Include the Canada Post Tracking number, and the modem model and serial number that you took a picture of, at the very start of the process.  Ask the moderators to have the warehouse searched to find the modem.  


To do that, when you're logged into the forum, follow this link to the @CommunityHelps page.  On the right is a link to Send a Private Message.  Follow that link to the message composition page.  The address will fill in automatically.  Fill in the subject line and details.  Include your account number, the Canada Post Tracking number, and modem model and serial number.  When done, hit Send.    When you're logged into the forum, have a look for a number, overlaying the envelope symbol in the upper right hand corner, indicating an inbound message.  Follow that link down to the message inbox to see the response.  You can respond to the moderators message as required.  


Don't wait to return the modem.  Send that as soon as possible so that the billing system doesn't decide that you owe money for a returned modem.


Fwiw, Rogers appears to be the only ISP that I've ever read about, that has this particular problem, where returned equipment is routinely lost within the warehouse. 


And, fwiw, the CRTC has indicated in the past that Rogers can't hold its customers responsible for following Rogers directions to return equipment in the manner indicated.  Rogers doesn't appear to have received the memo, as they say, and it continues to hold customers responsible for equipment lost within its own warehouse. 

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