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Payment tabs just aren't working...

I've been around


Everytime I try to set up an automatic payment on the Rogers bill and payment tab, I'm greeted with this screen.


I clicked on the "See how to make an online payment option" and it didn't say anything about this issue.

Also, I've tried to make the payments regularly via the "online payment" tab and I'm greeted by these issues too.


I tried filling out both boxes with my payment info (credit card, amount due, CVV, Date of Expiration, and etc) but none of them works.
It doesn't get any better if I try "Pay through your bank" option either... As there is no input boxes to pay information in.rogersonlinepayment(viabank).png
I've tried switching browsers from Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and each browser has same issues.
This time I've paid via phone call but I find paying through this method inconvenient.



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Re: Payment tabs just aren't working...


Hello, @huyanh21.


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for your detailed post with the screenshots. 


I appreciate you trying different browsers; it's discouraging that the issue persisted. We tend to use the same extensions/add-ons on the secondary browsers that we like on our main browser. Which of your extensions are you using on all of your browsers? It seems the components on the payments tab are getting blocked. 


I couldn't replicate it on my end on different browsers. Please check this post, Tips for Rogers Websites & Apps, by one of our RE, @57, to further troubleshoot the issue and set up your auto payments. 


Please keep us posted, and let us know if you have further questions. 




Re: Payment tabs just aren't working...

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@huyanh21  A month or so ago, I was unable to make a payment on the Fido web site.  It didn't matter which browser I used, nothing worked.  However, I was able to make a payment using the mobile app.


I reported the issue and was told that the problem was due to a web site change that had gone wrong.

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