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Late payment warning after paying with online banking

I've been here awhile

Hello, My bill is due on 9/18/23 and on Friday before 5pm on 9/15, which is 3 days before the due date, I paid to Roger Mastercard account using an online banking as like the one I usually use to pay Roger's bill each month and it shows the amount had transferred.
But on September 18th, I received a warning email from Roger Bank stating that they had not received the payment by the due date of September 18th. ..uh while I paid on September 15th .
I don't want my Credit to look bad, can you please do something to remove that warning message on my credit account? Thank you.


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Re: Late payment warning after paying with online banking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@rosemari-rosema : I'm confused.


1. Did you pay using a credit card like Rogers Mastercard, or did you pay using on-line banking?

2. September 15 is only one business day before September 18.  Business days is what counts, not calendar days, but if you paid using a credit card, then that should have gone through.

3. If you pay using online banking, you will always see a notice from the bank that states that you need to allow up to 5 business days for a payment to go through.

4. The e-mail may have been generated automatically and your payment may have made it sometime on the 18th.


Edit:  I just reread your post and have another question.  Are you saying you made a payment to Rogers Mastercard from your bank?  If so, that does not pay your Rogers TV/Internet/Home Phone bill.  I guess further clarification from you is necessary to get this sorted.


PS. I have all my bills set up for autopay using my Rogers MasterCard. In that way I never have to worry about the payments being late or how they will be paid when I'm travelling.  I also then get additional time to pay because I don't have to pay my Rogers Mastercard until roughly another month has passed.

Re: Late payment warning after paying with online banking

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Did you know, you can always pay your Rogers bill via credit card DIRECTLY thru MyRogers?

Why  does this matter?  when you pay with your bank, the bank needs time to process and approve the payment and then send the funds to Rogers, but if you pay rogers directly skipping your bank, Rogers receives the funds RIGHT AWAY.  THAT MEANS no late penalty.  I know its convenient using your bank for payments but if you are one of those people who pay at the very last minute, then use rogers portal to make your payment, not your banks.

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