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In-Store Experience

I've been around
Hello there,
We came to Canada 2.5 months ago. Our English is poor; it's like none.
I went to Rogers, located at the Pacific Center in Vancouver City Center, to ask for phone prices. I met with Brenden.
I wanted to see the google pixel 7 Pro. I'm not working because I'm new and I know that phone high me but I wanted to touch it because I was dreaming. Then Brenden looked on the screen and told the newcomers to Canada that there was a promotion and that the Google Pixel 7 was free. 
Well, 7 Pro said that there is a slight difference. My wife and I wanted to take advantage of the campaign because it was free. 
I paid a $215 difference on my phone pro, and we bought the phones and made the contracts. The first bill came, and we only paid $40 for both of us. This month, the bill came to $341. When we went to ask what it was, I learned that the Pixel 7 Pro has a monthly payment of 50$. 

Brenden informed us that he told us this. However, I may not have understood it because our English is insufficient.
We have already made all our conversations with him since the first day through google translate. Because we do not know English and we do not know the system.
At the moment, neither my wife nor I are working. We have a 9-year-old daughter, and in this case, I'm not rich enough to pay $1400 for a phone.
If you look at the system, we do not even use the Internet. We do not have 5-10 GB internet usage per month. The phone looks brand new as is.
I request you to please replace the phone with a google pixel 7, which is free. It is not important that the phone you will give is zero; let's consider the balance of $ 1400 planned to be taken for the sufficient device, please.
Brenden is a very well-intentioned salesperson. She's doing her job well. This problem is entirely our fault. We made a mistake because we did not know the language well enough and we did not know the system. We can't pay for the Google Pixel 7 Pro phone. Our situation is not favourable. I can forward the phone to you as is. Or I can return the phone to you and not buy a new phone if needed. But I request you to reset this phone price "once only". I request your help and support in this matter.
Thank you,
\Best regards,

 Cumhur Akmese (CA)
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Re: In-Store Experience

I'm a trusted contributor

Welcome to Canada, and to the Community.

Only the forum moderators work for Rogers, and they usually wait a while before they respond ... But they need you to send them a private message through @CommunityHelps but since you can't speak English, I'm going to try to give you a few tips and some advice.

If you go to the Rogers website, there are 5 different promotions for Google pixel phones, but although the Google Pixel 7 is free (after the credit promotion is applied), the Google Pixel 7 Pro is $19.50 per month plus tax. The regular price is $47.05 (without the credit discount). I don't know why you were told it was $50 per month at the store (unless perhaps you didn't sign a 2-year contract , and you don't have a credit card).

Here's the link with the 5 promotions for the Google Pixel phones:

You should go back to the store and ask a manager why you got charged $50, instead of $19.50/month. It could be that some stores set different prices (or you don't have a credit card), but sales agents often charge more than they should.

To save money, don't buy the device protection insurance plan, because it involves paying a different company that is NOT Rogers, so you will generally have too much trouble getting any help from them, even if you spoke perfect English.

I believe the Rogers return policy to return your phone at no cost is 15 days after you bought it at the store. I assume that you got a 24-month contract, so if you want to switch your phone, you would have to pay the penalty to complete the contract. Although perhaps if you go to the store, the manager might be able to give you special treatment. If not, let us know what happened, and then the moderators or other community members might have better suggestions for you.

Here's the link for the financing phone information:

I live in Toronto, but I hope you can perhaps get in touch with someone living in Vancouver that can help you deal with the challenges of your new environment.

Good luck, and I hope that Google Translate doesn't make too many errors with my post. 💓

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