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Device Reservation Iphone 15 Pro Timing

I'm here a lot

My 2 year Upfront Edge Term ends on Nov 8 2023 for my old Iphone 13 Pro.

How soon can I preorder the new Iphone 15 Pro through Device Reservation (for in store pickup and to return the old phone at the same store at the same time) without penalties?

If I receive it before Nov 8, I’m worried about having to pay the Upfront Edge amount of my old phone because I’m early.

However, if I receive it after Nov 8, I’m also worried to have to pay the Upfront Edge amount of my old phone because I’m passed the term end date.

How do I time this?? Could be tricky because stock on new Iphone releases can be unpredictable.



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Re: Device Reservation Iphone 15 Pro Timing

I'm here a lot
Ok I did my own research, but please correct me if i’m wrong. If I understood correctly, I shall initiate the upgrade process in the Rogers app during the final month of the existing term, as the device financing balance will be at $0. Since I prefer in-store pickup, I will have to wait until the new phone arrives at the store before returning my old one there so I don’t have to pay the Upfront Edge amount of the old one.

However, here is the problem, what if I receive the new phone AFTER the term end date? I can’t return the old phone if I don’t receive the new one!

Re: Device Reservation Iphone 15 Pro Timing


Good day, @iceman_dl6!


Welcome to the Rogers community and great questions!! 👍


I just want to start by clarifying that for customers who are currently on the Upfront Edge program and looking to upgrade to a new device--this may be done during the final month of your agreement, however, we also allow a 60-day grace period following your expiry date, in which you may still complete your device upgrade and return your Upfront Edge device within that timeframe.


I do want to note that if you wait until after your term expires to do the upgrade, you will likely be automatically charged for the Upfront Edge amount on the next invoice, but if you complete the upgrade within the 60-day grace period, then the Upfront Edge amount will be reversed once we receive the Upfront Edge device back from you.


If you decide to opt for the "pick up in-store" option, then you may return your Upfront Edge device at the same time you pick up your new device. Please be sure that your device is free of any defects and is in good working condition. A device in good work working condition must:


- Be fully functional and free from damage.
-  Power on and navigate to the home screen.
- Accept and hold a charge.
- Have the ability to perform a factory reset.
- Be free from physical damage (for example, no broken/cracked front and back glass, punctures, dents, blemishes, dark spots etc.) Note: Customers who enrolled in the Upfront Edge program prior to August 14th, 2022 can return the device with broken and/or cracked back glass.
- Be free from liquid/moisture damage and there cannot be any missing components (for example, missing battery, battery cover, SIM/media tray, buttons, etc.).
- Have all accounts, passwords and any activation locks removed and/or turned off (i.e. Find My iPhone, Google, Find My Mobile, and firmware passwords).


I really hope this helps clarify things for you! For more info on the Upfront Edge program, check out our FAQs.







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