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Canceling a number

I've been around

For 22 months I have tried to cancel a phone number and no one had done it for me. Several phone calls to different CSR and still no satisfaction. So I was paying the bill for those 22 months to the tune of 1760.00, I am not pleased but it doesn’t stop there…..I have tried numerous time to get my bill emailed to me and to this day I still don’t get it emailed to me……and the second biggest complaint is just after I signed up for a new 2 year contract my phone number was highjacked and ported back over to bell without me knowing about it….when confronted with this situation, Rogers answer was we don’t do anything about that, if someone requests a port we just do it. I worked for a wireless company as a CSR, and we always looks into the account to make sure that things like this didn’t happen, but Rogers employees don’t have the time
For that.


I finally found someone who canceled the number for me and his insult to me was we can offer you 70 dollars compensation for your trouble. 70 dollars of 1760, and that isn’t even what the cost of the account was, Rogers won’t take responsibility for……I am so totally disillusioned by Rogers…..They don’t care about their clients they only care about the almighty buck…..this is only the surface of my rant…. I want to go on but I’m just getting angry again….maybe I will pick the rant up later….


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Re: Canceling a number


Good evening @Rob84,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Thank you for sharing the details of your experience with Rogers. Did my colleagues explain why the line wasn't cancelled? In the event of an unauthorized port we do absolutely try our best to see what may have caused the service change. 


I'm glad to hear the issue was finally resolved. We try our best to ensure our customers are getting the best in class customer service, however I know it can sometimes fall short. If you have any questions about your account/billing please let us know and we'll be happy to answer them for you. 




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