Can't View Bills Online

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Can't View Bills Online

Hi, I cannot view my bills on line and also cannot access emails. pls help.


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Re: Can't View Bills Online

Hello, @wjayakody


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how important it is to be able to view your bills online.


  • Can you describe how you have been trying to view the bill? Are you using or the MyRogers app? 
  • Are you able to log in at all or do you get an error message?
  • If you are able to log in, what happens when you try to view the bill or download a PDF version of the bill?

Once we have more details we will be better equipped to assist you.


Can you please create a new post on the Internet board for your email issues?



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Re: Can't View Bills using Windows Firefox

Same problem... Last few months something changed  in MyRogers or Windows Firefox.  Click on "View my Bill" and I get  error messages about maintenance then it switches immediately to the store (bad move by itself)

I wasted a few hours with support, cleared Firefox cache and site data and it worked once. Then I tried to contact Rogers online and could not switch back to paper billing without calling by phone.  I gritted my teeth and installed Chrome which is not a long-term solution.

Screenshots of error messages uploaded but are hidden for some reason...


Rogers billing error.jpg

Rogers billing error2.jpg


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Re: Can't View Bills using Windows Firefox

Here are edited screenshots of the error messages. The first one disappeared really fast. The second led to the Rogers store - not very user-friendly.


Error #1Error #1Error #2Error #2

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Re: Can't View Bills using Windows Firefox

I use Firefox and this is what I'm seeing when I go through My Rogers. But when I use my PayGo Balance bookmark, I see all the entries. Since I cancelled Rogers Digital Cable last year, my account balance for that is zero and just shows my last payment. What do you see if you use Chrome? In my experience, Rogers has never been Firefox friendly.




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