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After 24yrs of having all my services with Rogers, I am done.

I've been around

Well its a boring time on hold with Rogers the last two days, might as well pass the time. 


So after visiting two Rogers stores yesterday, showing my face to the camera, waiting in my car to go in, I was told the exact same thing at both locations. 


'Oh wow, you are really overpaying for your services, but it appears I can't make changes your account, you will have to call in."


So right away, I thought, why does this happen every couple years? I find out some great deal I was given was complete garbage and I have been paying 30-40% more than I should have when it comes time to renew. Imagine if you invested money into customer follow ups and loyalty rather than alerts to my phone when my remote battery is dead?  My home was hit by a tornado while I was starting my own business and asked a rogers rep for help on my bill and was told nothing can be done.  To come back a year later to hear I am getting gouged? Isn't a great feeling.


I use Rogers for Ignite Internet and TV, Home Phone, and 2 wireless phones.    I was ready to take advantage of deals and recommit to rogers if the price was right, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to.  None of my services allow me to make changes online, so as a result I have spent 7 hours on hold, and 3 hours waiting in chat queues trying to talk to someone and when I did get someone? I was told she only knew how to sell phones not look at plans and I should call back.


Im coming up on 25 years as a Customer - I hate to say it, Rogers just doesn't care. 

In the time of me being on hold today I have gone from - 'let's just get a good deal and move on' to 'I am flat out being taken advantage of and need to end this relationship.'

I doubt anyone in this forum cares, will do anything - but there is nothing at rogers for loyal customers. 


My entire relationship with the company has been me calling in upset every 2 years when its time to renew about how bad my bills are, getting a 'killer deal' to find out for my next conversation - I am paying too much. 


I have zero incentive to stay with Rogers after 24 years.  Zero.  Why? Because they care more about using our regular revenue to subsidize new clients and attract them.  I cannot think of one advantage I have ever had as a loyal customer.  (and If i hear something about their credit card I'll snap.)


Its been an interrupted, overcharged slice Rogers.  I think I've been beat up enough.





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Re: After 24yrs of having all my services with Rogers, I am done.

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@RobDStewart  First, be careful about what you hear from a Rogers store, especially if it is independently owned and operated rather than a larger corporate store.  They will try to put themselves in a positive light by telling you how inexpensively you could get Rogers services through them.  However, beware that until your order with them gets finalized, anything that they quote you in advance is meaningless because they may not be able to deliver on their promises.


Don't compare the pricing that you can get as a new Rogers customer vs. the discount that you are getting now.  You will never be able to retain that "new customer" pricing indefinitely after your promotional pricing expires.  Also, look at the "fine print" associated with your services very carefully.  You need to know what a fair price is, and be prepared to walk away if you are not getting value for your dollar.  Rogers is also restructuring their Ignite TV bundles so while you might see a lower price than what you are paying now, changing to a new in-market bundle may result in you getting less value for your dollar.


When talking to Rogers agents, keep in mind that not all groups have access to the same offers, or even the best offers that may be available.


If you do plan to change providers, keep in mind that once your "new customer" discounts end, you will have to go through the same ordeal of negotiating with your provider or switching to a another provider yet again.


One other benefit that loyal Rogers customers get is that their plans and pricing are typically grandfathered.  In some ways, I would have been better off had I stayed with the Ignite Internet/TV/Home Phone plan that I signed up with four years ago.  The downside to Rogers Ignite bundles is that making a change to your Internet speed also forces you to switch to a completely new in-market TV bundle, and losing your grandfathered package.


If you want to do away with the ordeal of renegotiating discounts every year, your only option at this time is to sign up with one of the smaller providers.  They will never be able to compete with the "new customer" pricing of the large providers but the well-run TPIAs strive to provide a good service at a fair price.  With some, you might pay more but with the good ones, you also get what you pay for.


When looking for new promotional discounts for your Rogers services, you can also try sending a private message to @CommunityHelps  and asking them what offers may be available in your area.  I have always found them to be helpful and trustworthy.

Re: After 24yrs of having all my services with Rogers, I am done.

I've been here awhile

Rogers is the worst.....they don't care about loyalty. which makes no sense.


Re: After 24yrs of having all my services with Rogers, I am done.

I have been a former employee with Rogers and a 35+ year wireless customer. Two accounts (one corporate and one consumer). Rogers has declined to the point that I am considering pulling all my services and going elsewhere. Absolute disappointment since their restructuring several years ago. The vision of customer service and dedication that Ted Rogers instilled in the company dissipated when he passed away. Its a disappointment that the company refused to honour his vision.

Re: After 24yrs of having all my services with Rogers, I am done.

I've been here awhile

I agree...they cater to the "new customer" but could care less about those of us who have been with them for decades. Instead of only catering to the new customers maybe they should start to cater to those who have been loyal over 10 years. That would show they actually "care" about loyal customers.

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