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Over 80 channels subscribed channels missing

I've been around

20 days ago Roger technicians came to replace.a ground wire. Ever since, we have a long list of subscribed channels missing. The notice on the TV says we need to subscribe to the channels, but we are subscribed and have been watching these channels for years. I have called ROGERS 8 times. They have escalated the issue to the engineering team more than once. They say the ground wire isn’t responsible for the problem. ROGERS- please resolve this issue. We pay $300 a month for your services. 20 days is a long time for an escalation…. Oh and two days ago the closed the ticket because they didn’t know what was wrong. So I had to call last night to reopen the ticket.




Re: Over 80 channels subscribed channels missing

I'm a trusted contributor

You posted in the TV section of the forums, so am I correct in assuming that you currently have the legacy digital tv service, with a Nextbox?

If however, you have Ignite TV, I would be stumped.

Did you call Rogers to add or subtract any of your digital tv channels?

Do you have a grandfathered VIP package, or similar package with special offers?

Did you call Rogers and ask for a service call, or did a Rogers tech just show up, or contact you?

The answers to the above questions will make it easier to pinpoint your problem.

Regardless of the system, whenever Rogers makes manual changes to your account, an email, etc. should be sent.

If the email(s) doesn't mention any channel additions or subtractions to your current plan, that is something else I would like to know.

On your next bill, it may mention the channel changes, and shed even more light on your situation.

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