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Another Simsub Fail - CTV2/NBC Indycar Race

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Trying to get a message to the Rogers Simsub (Simultaneous Substitution) dept. by calling the Rogers tech dept. is unfortunately an exercise in futility. I got through quickly today, but the agent kept repeating the same inaccurate info about the stations being responsible for any mishaps. Once I told the agent to trust me about the Rogers Simsub computer being responsible, etc., he hung up on me. The call was less than a minute long, but unless I go through the Office of the President (like I had to do last time), nobody knows how to send an email to the Simsub dept, or contact the person that can release the incorrect Simsubs.

Thus, the ending of this afternoon's Indycar race (on NBC Buffalo and Seattle), was not shown, due to the CTV2 golf Simsub scheduled for 2:30pm that was incorrectly activated prematurely before the race was over (late, due to crashes).

I just switched over to my antenna to watch the REAL NBC Buffalo feed (so I saw the end of the race), since I don't subscribe to TSN (which also aired the race, and wouldn't have had a Simsub problem).

Racing fans know that even if the Rogers tech agents knew that Rogers used a computer to automatically do the simsubs, AND knew how to email the dept head, it still would take lots of time until the Simsub was fixed. That's why it's best to subscribe to TSN and Sportsnet to avoid many potential errors, as well as getting to watch the full races, even if the US network switches to Peacock, etc.

Anyway, I only have to deal with this Simsub incompetence while Legacy TV is still around ... until it's fully replaced by IgniteTV, and I then cancel my service.

Re: Another Simsub Fail - CTV2/NBC Indycar Race

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Resident Expert

I do subscribe to TSN, however, IgniteTV's preference was for NBC on my IndyCar Series recordings (any channel), so I got hit by the simsub on my recording.  Unfortunately, I was watching a recording about an hour after the race and it was too late to watch the end on any other channel airing the programme.


Big fail on Rogers part since this was a live event.  I also hate it when the person you talk to insists that he's correct when he doesn't actually have a clue.

Re: Another Simsub Fail - CTV2/NBC Indycar Race

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I have IPTV (not Rogers Ignite) and was hit by the same problem as @57 . My provider also defaulted to simsubbed NBC when I scheduled the race, so I missed the end. However, my provider's Cloud DVR has a feature called "Replay", where you can watch anything from the Guide up to 24 hours before and I was able to catch the end of the race on TSN. I'm not sure if Ignite  can do that or not.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Another Simsub Fail - CTV2/NBC Indycar Race

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Resident Expert

@OLDYELLR wrote:

 I'm not sure if Ignite  can do that or not.

I don't believe Rogers has a Replay feature per se. What IgniteTV does have is a Restart feature that lets you watch from the start of a programme where you have tuned in "late", but not all programming has this.  We also have a "watch now" feature, where programmes that are in the guide in the future can be watched now.  Again, not all programming has this and I assume this feature exists for something that has already aired but is repeating in the future and is stored in the cloud.  Interestingly, the "watch now" feature can sometimes disappear, in that it's available today for some programme and then not available in a week.  I'm guessing the programme is no longer in the cloud in this case.


IgniteTV does have an on-demand section, which does have some programming that aired before but when I looked for IndyCar, nothing came up.

Re: Another Simsub Fail - CTV2/NBC Indycar Race

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I did some more research on this and found the following:


1. IndyCar search via the voice command on the box came up with an airing on March 14 and 15 on SN World.  Not sure if this is a replay or not because there are no races that day, or what it is. Regardless, I don't subscribe to SN World because it's expensive.  I do subscribe to SN as part of my package which gives me all the other SN channels of interest.


2.  If I search for IndyCar using the app or browser, there are no results.


3. Interestingly, it gave me results for F1 and the Bahrain GP from Sunday March 5 is available on demand (TSN - 2 hours).  I could watch it via the app, browser, or TV box.

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