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Home monitoring

I've been around

Super unhappy with smart home monitoring.
I had the service for approx 6 years

We sold our house and downsized to a condo therefore not needing the service

We did a TOR (transfer of responsibility) on Nov. 8th 2022

First the agent did not do it correctly. They only took the first and last name of new owners and left everything olelse in my name ( the bill and billing info ).

I have called on 3 different occasions. Each time being told it’s taken care of.

Today Dec 23rd while in a Rogers store , I was again told account Still in my name. It’s not the same account, it’s actually a new account.

Currently I have been in the phone for 4 hours and 13 mins and counting.

I have a business phone plan which I am planning on canceling.

Each time I have called in regards to this issue it has been hours on the phone.

I would highly advise to not sign up for smart home monitoring

It’s also a different department than mobile. So while you call in and wait on hold for mobile because once you use your phone number to verify you , it automatically connects you to mobility

In my case , since I have a business plan , even when I select home monitoring, I always get transfered to business absent , which then has to put me back on hold and transfer me to home monitoring

I am. It one for putting posts , nor am I on any social media. But it’s definitely pushing me to share my story.


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Re: Home monitoring


Hello, @Teamspeedo.


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for sharing the detailed mishap about the TOR and the difficulty in correcting it. 


Briefly, the TOR is a two-step process. Once the original account holder authorizes the TOR, we document the details on the account. The other person accepting the TOR must initiate the process completion. Has this person reached out to us? 


You can learn more about the TOR process in this support article. 


These past few days, we have been experiencing a heavy volume because of the overwhelming popularity of some offers. Our sincere apologies for the delayed responses; we are doing our best to get to every waiting customer. Since a phone call is connecting you to business support, you can chat with our Home Monitoring Care




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