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Home Monitoring Fire Alarms

I've been here awhile

I’m considering switching to Rogers Home Monitoring. My conversation with customer serves haven’t been that helpful which is a bit of a concern.
I currently have 3 hardwired fire/co2 alarms. When I called in they seemed surprised I want to replace all 3. Why would this be unusual?
Also, Are the Rogers alarms interconnected ? Do they remove the old alarms when they do the installation?



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Re: Home Monitoring Fire Alarms


Hello, @Ll20


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks for posting your concerns regarding your potential switch to our Smart Home Monitoring system. 


  • We do have the ability to take over some existing wired alarm systems. If you wanted to replace all 3 sensors that should not be an issue but we would need a technician out to determine the best course of action regarding those sensors.
  • All of our sensors are interconnected, an alarm at one of the smoke/CO sensors will trigger the alarm at the touchscreen and start the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) process if you subscribe to the 24/7 monitoring service.
  • If there are any older sensors that you would like to remove or replace the installation technician will be able to take care of them for you once they are on site.

I hope this helps with your decision to subscribe to Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. 🙂 



Re: Home Monitoring Fire Alarms

I've been here awhile

Thanks for the information
How do I arrange to get a technician to come out?
I haven’t been able to get clear answers on the fire alarms and why they keep suggesting I only need one when I currently have 3.
Also they have been vague on the outside wiring of the cameras and how/if they will remove the current hardwired system

Re: Home Monitoring Fire Alarms

Hello again, @Ll20


You'll need to contact our Smart Home Monitoring sales team to arrange for a technician to come out to your home.


Please contact them by clicking here. Select "Products and Services" and choose the option to shop by phone or shop online for Home Monitoring services.


The setup of the equipment and removal of your existing equipment will have to be discussed with the technician at your home. Each setup is unique so it can be difficult to determine how the job will be completed over the phone.


I hope this helps!



Re: Home Monitoring Fire Alarms

I've been here awhile
The term “interconnected” fire alarm means that if one is triggered they all go off. This isn’t how you have answered the question. Are they actually interconnected or just individually monitored ? These are two very different things.

Re: Home Monitoring Fire Alarms

Hello @Ll20,


We are happy to clarify further for you. 🙂


If you decide to use Rogers Wireless sensors, then they will be interconnected. If you decide to continue using your existing wired sensors, they will behave as they did when setup by the previous alarm company. I hope this helps!






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