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Scam phone call

I've been around

Just a few minutes ago my wife and I received a call from (1-888-984-2291) The number ID's as likely Spam on our Caller ID, Trying to offer us a deal where because our account is not in arrears that they were going to offer is a 50% discount on our services for 2 years. Then he proceeded to ask my wife for our banking information and such. I had the wife give me the phone where I proceeded to ask this Douche Canoe what the last 4 digits of our account number was (which of course could not answer) then he proceeded to try to tell me that he could only speak to the person or people that are listed on that account, to which I replied that I am listed on the account and that if he had our account up in front of him, then he could tell me my name and address me as such. Which again he could not do. So after another 3 minute exchange of him saying I was wasting his time I had to reply to him by saying that he was wasting his own time by trying these ridiculous scams, when he then just hung up on me.


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Re: Scam phone call


Good day @jason1976,


Thank you for sharing the details of the situation you experienced to the Rogers Community! It's always ideal to confirm the legitimacy of an offer before going through with any account changes.


Typically, if you already have an account with us and one of our outbound sales agents is reaching out to you to make you benefit from a in-market promotion, they should already have your contact information handy. However, they may confirm the postal code and date of birth of the account holder, for authentication purposes.


If you are feeling uneasy, we would normally recommend asking the caller to document the offer in question to your account, so you can reach out to us, to discuss the details and take advantage if it all checks out.


You're doing the right thing by staying vigilant. Don't hesitate to let us know if you require further assistance or if you have any other concerns.





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