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Fraud/Scammer Alert

I've been around

Just a heads up there is an operation out there offering great deals on changing your Rogers plan…after you answer a few questions and give over some personal data…. happened to me today, gave them too much info, even though it did not feel right and expressed my concern.
Luckily enough as soon as they sent the account confirmation email I realized it was fraudulent due to the numerous typos and horrible grammar even though it all looked legit at first glance.
Locked my credit card and filed a report with anti-fraud and will set up an alert with equifax.

Really getting tired of these . one has to be aware 24/7 and never let your guard down…….I want to believe in karma, but until then best I can do is pass on the word.




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Re: Fraud/Scammer Alert

I've been here awhile
Thanks for the info
What info were they after?
They changed my myrogers password after I have them the 6 digit code
Want to know what they are after to protect myself

Re: Fraud/Scammer Alert


Hello @SmithandFather,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


You are absolutely right, it's getting harder to ascertain which one of these calls are valid and which ones aren't. As a rule of thumb, I do not give out any personal or financial information on inbound calls. I am glad you took steps in ensure your information is protected. And I appreciate you sharing your experience with the Community. 


You can always reach out here to verify if an offer is valid or not. 





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