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Are these email addresses valid/legitimate?

I've been around

Hi All,


I got 2 calls saying that they are from rogers promotion team,.


Caller 1: Told that IPhone 14 pro max 256 gb, at 53 cad, 50 gb of data is available, authenticated with my first name, told there will another call from them confirming the order. 


Caller 2: Authenticated with first name, last name, gave the details about the offer, asked me to give my email, got an email from and asked me to tell the otp for authentication, soon after that, I was told that my account will be locked for 3 days or so, till the new mobile is delivered to the address, I cannot access my rogers account, immediately they reset the password, and I got the mail from the address "" says the password has been rest and caller asked me not to login. But it sounded suspicious and immediately changed my rogers password, disabled rogers automatic payment. I got an email from "" with attachments that stating policies and changes made for my account, some discounted stuff to the plan. 


It doesn't make any sense from the bug company to allow this or they have let their customer base that there is some standard process to authenticate when customers are obtaining services with them.


I want to know if all these above emails are legit!!

Please help.





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Re: Are these email addresses valid/legitimate?


Hello, @vdvs99.


I appreciate your detailed post; even though the email domain is legit, it seems like the email addresses were spoofed. Suspicious emails like these that appear to be from Rogers should be reported to


The first call was alarming; iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB with a 50 GB data plan for only $53 can't be a genuine offer. 


We would never ask for your OTP or lock your account for three days. 


Have you connected with the support and reported this incident? You can send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. We detailed more info about our private messaging in this blog




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