Program and Pair your Ignite TV Voice Remote

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Program and Pair your Ignite TV Voice Remote

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Did you know that the Ignite TV Voice remote can pick up voice commands? The Ignite TV Voice remote is a crucial aspect of the Ignite TV experience so we want to ensure you have it setup properly to control your set top box, TV and other audio devices. Getting the remote setup is super easy!

Check out our support article on How to use your Ignite TV Voice Remote: Program & Pair to see the detailed steps on how to do this.

Once it has be properly paired to your set-top box you can start testing out the voice commands. Take a look at our support article on Using Voice Commands for examples of what type of voice commands can be used.

If you are having issues with your voice remote please see the Troubleshooting the Ignite TV Voice Remote support article for steps on how to resolve common issues.

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