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Inseego MiFi device does not work well with VPN

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Recently I subscribed to the Rogers home wireless service that they had started offering in our area (Cumberland, Ontario). It is very competitively priced and was glad to have a high speed internet service as compared to the 7 Mbps DSL service.


Rogers decided to send Inseego MyFi device as the mobile internet gateway/router. It worked immediately after putting the SIM card and turning it on. However, my existing Cisco VPN client started complaining and would drop the VPN connection every 5-8 minutes. And stay disconnected for about the 5-10 minutes before reestablishing the connection. But the cycle of disconnect/connect would repeat over and over again. Rogers first sent me a replacement Inseego device which unfortunately did not even connect to the internet. Meanwhile Rogers support team gave up and asked me contact Inseego support team. They responded promptly however pointed the problem back to the Rogers network instead of investigating the problem.


Finally asked Rogers to replace the Inseego device with the Nokia Fastmile mobile gateway/router. With this new  device installed now my VPN problem has been resolved. However, it seems the default configuration on this device did not turn SIP/ALG on which stopped any VoIP service including whastapp (while connected via home WiFi) from working. Although I do not recall turning SIP/ALG service on myself (but did check IPTV option) on the device however after complaining to Rogers the next day I noticed the SIP/ALG checked in a new submenu which I believe I was not able to notice earlier. It is possible I could have missed it which I doubt. Anyways, just wanted to share if anyone is having similar issues with their wireless home internet service.



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Re: Inseego MiFi device does not work well with VPN


Thank you for sharing! 🙂 


Hopefully this bit of knowledge helps someone else should they encounter a similar VPN problem.




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