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5G fastmile - sites not reachable

I've been around

New 5G fastmile device - getting errors trying to reach some sites (eg yahoo search). But most sites work. No problem reaching same sites if i disconnect wifi and use cellular data. Same for other phones and pcs in house. "This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.

Checking the connection


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Re: 5G fastmile - sites not reachable


Hello, @Jeo1 


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We definitely want to help you gain access to the Yahoo Search page. Can you run a Traceroute to the affected websites? This should give us an idea where the connection is dropping.


You can find the steps below. In step 2, replace with the affected websites.


To run traceroute on Windows:

  1. Open the command prompt. Go to Start > Run > Type: cmd > Hit Enter
  2. In the newly opened command prompt window, type: tracert < Enter affected websites here.
  3. You may have to wait up to a minute or more for the test to complete
  4. Once completed highlight the results with your mouse then ctrl+c on your keyboard to copy
  5. Provide the complete results (every line) in the Forums or to Support for analysis

Performing a Traceroute in Mac OS X

  1. Launch Network Utility (Search Network Utility in Spotlight and choose the first option)
  2. Click the Traceroute option in the top menu
  3. Enter the network address to trace an internet route to:  < Enter affected websites here.
  4. Click Trace at the bottom right
  5. Select the results in the window below, and then right-click and select Copy or press COMMAND+C to copy the text
  6. Provide the complete results (every line) in the Forums or to Support for analysis


Please post your results for us to review.





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