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Resolved! 5G Home Internet on the go?

I live in Alberta, but will be camping in Ontario for the summer. I am considering signing up for the  FOR INTERNET ON THE GO Inseego MiFi X Pro 5G Can I use this while camping or does it have ot be used in my principal residence or at least in the s...

5G Nokia Fastmile and iptv

Recently moved to Rogers Nokia 5G Fastmile. Using WiFi to my television, running iptv. Keeps stopping. I know the iptv program is set right because if I hotspot off of my Rogers phone I stopping. Is there some setting I need to make in the Nok...

Dasbert by I've been around
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Where are all the RogersOpen Hotspots?

Since being forced to move to Rogers, from Shaw, my data use increase 4x and now I'm always over my limit which never once happened, ever - at Shaw.  I went to and drove to some of those hotspots ...

Generac generator and mobile link

I recently had a generac generator installed and the app mobile link is used to monitor its status. The first week after installation no problems mobile link was talking to my generac generator. For the past week and a half the app has not been talki...

GARYGK by I've been here awhile
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LTE Home Internet unusably slow

Has anyone else experiencing extremely slow LTE internet the last few days? Over the last few days I have had 81% uptime on my internet, support reports nothing wrong and to reboot my router with no effect. I'm really hoping a Rogers mod or employee ...

Screenshot 2023-08-11 185200.png Screenshot 2023-08-11 185443.png

Cell service booster recommendations.

My wife is a realtor and the cottage we are going to this summer has poor cell reception as well as no WiFi.I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with boosters and which ones you would recommend. It would just be needed for emails/phone call...

Sszabo15 by I've been around
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Mobile Hotspots

Running an AC763S hotspot here, and works fine. But it is 7 years old, and now the Rogers device seems to be the Novatel MiFi 7000. Question: is there any benefit to upgrading to the newer device?    *** Edited Labels ***

dcjack by I plan to stick around
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Terrible mobile data speeds!

Over the last month the data speeds have been hit or miss. This is happening in Blenheim, near Rondeau and also my son is having the same issue up near Wallaceburg ON. I have been with Rogers for almost 20 years and have never had this issues in thes...

ZTE MF279T Port forwarding/Double NAT?

I need to use port forwarding for my Bobcat 300 Helium miner, but my current rural LTE connection (Xplornet) uses double NAT, which does not allow for it.   If I get a ZTE MD279T, will I be able to use port forwarding?   Thanks!     ***Added Labels**...

ZTE MF279T Reboots Randomly

 Hi guys, I just recently started using my MF279T which we bought outright almost two years ago now.  We used it for a while but the pricing was ridiculous so we quit using it and have instead just suffered through using our <1mbps satellite internet...

willston by I've been around
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VPN usage with mobile internet

Hello ,I have read the agreement of acceptable use and it is registered that it is prohibited to use a service that allows to change the IP address assigned.On the other hand, there are no details on the subject.Can I use a VPN without problem with m...

Resolved! ZTE-MF-279T Rocket Hub with IP Cameras.

I have just purchased a Rogers ZTE-MF-279T Rocket Hub (became available Jan 2019) because I want to use it for accessing IP security cameras and monitor a solar power system at our cottage. I have tested it with one IP camera and it works fine. I can...

suew3026 by I plan to stick around
  • 6 replies

Data Usage Update Information

When is Rogers going to update its antiquated system to update the data usage in real time? I’ve got a wireless account with Rogers (since 1998!) as well as an Apple Watch account, and for both it takes forever to update the data usage on the mobile ...

MichaelYYZ by I plan to stick around
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Tablet SIM. No IPv6?

So I have two smartphone SIMs and a tablet SIM.  On the phones I am able to get an IPv6 address no problems.  On my iPad (using lteinternet.apn) I'm only given an IPv4 address.  It's been a long time since Rogers deployed this on smartphones so I'm w...

xeronine by I plan to stick around
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