bulk delete of older email and unread email

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bulk delete of older email and unread email

I would like to delete say all email 5 years or older (goes back 10+ years) and say all unread email of 2 years or older.  Is there some simple way to do this ?   


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Re: bulk delete of older email and unread email

I'm not sure if there is a way to do this, however, I have found that if you try to delete very many e-mails at the same time it can wreak havoc with the e-mail client or whatever you're using.


Instead of doing this, I recommend you go to the particular folder and start at the bottom. Click the oldest e-mail and "shift-click" an e-mail about 50-100 e-mails removed from that one to highlight say 100. Then click "delete". Wait until that function has been completed and do it again a few times.  Do not try to delete say 1000 e-mails at a time.    Come back sometime later and repeat the process.  I do this to remove e-mails from my "deleted" folder in Outlook, however, I once tried to delete a huge number and the Outlook database "blew up" and I needed to run a recovery  process, so I don't recommend bulk deletion that puts a strain on the system in question.  Hope that helps.