Why isn't unlimited internet actually unlimited?

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I'm Here A Lot
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Why isn't unlimited internet actually unlimited?


Support is telling me I'm throttled for using my gigabit internet within the guidelines of what it's being advertised as. It's unlimited, you make a point of using that in marketing and everywhere, but apparently it is not unlimited.

So I would like a Rogers rep to clearly state what the limit is. I am paying for a service that I'm not receiving, by your own admission.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Why isn't unlimited internet actually unlimited?

good luck getting a specific number i went throuth this a few months ago got the warning email telling me if i dont stop using so much bandwidth with my unlimited account that they will disconnect me leaving me with no internet.


 i never did get any kind of numbers for my ul/dl usage that i am really allowed to use with my unlimited so i stopped using anyplace tv and plex which seemed to get me down enough since i havent had any more warning emails