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Synology NAS and Hitron Modem

I've been around

I installed a Synology NAS at home as a remote backup , I had to disable the bridge in the Hitron modem, wifi works , but the Ethernet does not for the wired computers is there a workaround in this case ?



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Re: Synology NAS and Hitron Modem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Bond0071 log into the modem and check the Advanced .... Switch Control page.  It should show that all ethernet ports are enabled.  With the Hitron modem, its possible to disable ports that you're not using.  When a port is connected to a devices that is running, the port should show that its linked, with the "Linked" indication displayed next to the port number.  The display should also show that the Duplex mode is running in Full mode, meaning download from and upload to the port in question. 

Re: Synology NAS and Hitron Modem

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Resident Expert

@Bond0071, thinking about this a little more, if for example you kicked the modem back into Gateway mode, with the same router connected to the same modem port, then the modem port should work as it was previously did, and your router and network connected to the router should also work as expected.  Now, its possible that you might have to restart the router as it might not like a typical LAN address as its WAN address.   It might give you a warning about that, but, it should continue to operate when its WAN address changed due to the change in the modem operating mode. 


Now, if you introduced the NAS into the mix and all of a sudden the modem ports don't work, the first thing to do is disconnect the NAS and restart the modem and router.  They should return to normal operation.  If that's the case, then I would suspect that the NAS has a hard coded or hard set IP address which is introducing a Conflicting IP address problem within the modem.  The NAS should have its IP address set to DHCP, so that the modem or router automatically assigns an IP address to the NAS when the modem or router restarts.  The other possibility is that the NAS has a hard coded or hard set IP address that is outside of the DHCP range of the modem, and for whatever modem coding reason, the modem won't accept the address and locks up the ethernet ports.  


So, somehow, I think you need to check the NAS IP address to see what its set for, hard coded or hard set IP address or DHCP (Auto).  Knowing that will help to figure this out. 


The last possibility is that the Hitron's port controller has failed, in which case I'd run a factory reset to see if its cures the problem.  If not, then its time to replace the modem.  If you're a residential customer, you will be forced into upgrading your service plan and modem.  If you're a business customer then you're probably safe and Rogers Business techs should replace the modem.  

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