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Slow Internet speeds in Paris, Ontario

I've been around

Does anyone else have extremely horrible internet in Paris Ontario?  I pay for 1000 mbps, and usually get less than 50.  This is completely ridiculous, and they have been out 3 times to 'fix' it.  Every person who comes contradicts the previous person on the reasons and it doesn't get better.  There is no other good provider here, as Bell was honest about what they would provide so I moved away.


It's a shame Rogers is simply a dishonest provider about what they are able to provide, and I cannot wait until Bell brings their new services to Paris so I can run away as fast as possible from Rogers.



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Re: Slow Internet speeds in Paris, Ontario

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@thombrad : Sorry to hear about your problem. I have the following questions/comments.


1. Today, service providers' high speed Internet is almost always as advertized. You should be getting what you pay for. See the following article, which is a survey indicating that people get what they pay for.  There must be something amiss at your location.


2. When performing your tests, are you connected via Ethernet directly to the modem or using WiFi? If the latter, there are lots of reasons that WiFi may not be performing at your home.  Have you tested using different devices like a computer, tablet, phone?


3. When the technicians came to your home were they able to get Gb service (or close to it - say 800-900 mbps) on their testing equipment at your home or at the street?  50 mbps is clearly not even close.


4. Are you on the new IgniteTV bundle, or Legacy Cable (which may also be called Ignite?).


5. What is the make/model number of your modem?  It's possible it wasn't properly provisioned, however, I would have thought that would have been properly checked with three visits.


6. There are several experts on this forum who should be able to help you get what you pay for.  They should be along shortly, but if you answer the questions, that may help them help you.


7. You can also PM any of the mods here to look into this matter.


8. I regularly get about 500 mbps on my 300 mbps plan using the following speedtest sites (due to Speedboost):


If I download a large file of several GB, due to Speedboost it will start at 500 mbps and then slowly ramp down to 300 after a few seconds.

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