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Services Infrastructure

Hey everyone, my girlfriends mom just built a new house and for whatever reason Roger's won't come in and hookup internet cable or whatever, now I know some of you might say they probably don't service the area but her old house is 200 feet away i can see it from the front and has Roger's.. I'm lost cause now we only have bell and can only get 5mps speed... I want to pay for a better service but it's like it doesn't matter. I'm confused and need some help figuring this out.



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Re: Services Infrastructure

sometimes one house is all it takes.
It all depends on how/where the infrastructure has been run.


It possibly only goes so far.. and has not been extended that far / further out yet 😞

Its quite possible that the infrastructure hasnt specifically been put in... i have seen cases where a new subdivision has a deal with either one or the other and only puts in the one infrastructure to start... blocked into the one carrier 😞