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Permanence of WAN IP addresses and names

I've been here awhile

I can access my home network from elsewhere via either of these:


Are either or both of these guaranteed to continue to work, or can they arbitrarily change at any time?


(Note that the two XXXXXXs are identical.)


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Re: Permanence of WAN IP addresses and names

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
it Can Change, your getting a Dynamic WAN IP Address, but just because you were assigned the same one for a long time do not get comfortable with it, it can and has changed, what you need is a Dyn DNS. basically you need a static hostname that the IP address will change and re-direct to what ever your current IP becomes. DynDNS is the name of the service but theres lots of providers out there who offer such service, i had one back in the day, most modems support the config ,otherwise a quick script on your laptop or desktop will update the Hostname to your new IP.

Re: Permanence of WAN IP addresses and names

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

This is what I do.

I used to use DYNDNS until they started charging 😞
I am using No-ip.   Its basic service is free, but if your IP doesnt change within a month and isnt updated to something new, it will notify you that it will be removed unless renewed... I get an email, do the quick renewal.

I have a small webserver running at home.  I have a registered domain, but I point that do the dynamic services address.  Then just update it.

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