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Pedestal box

I've been around

I received notice that a box is going to be installed on my lot there was a number to call the contracting company if I had any issues. I live in a corner plot with no side walk so the box although on city property is going on my lawn on the corner of my lot which is to me not the best place as thing thing is big ! I have been told a permit has been requested to the city. My question is why wouldn’t you look at putting it in a more discreet spot as there is a large park frontage 100yards away ? Which wouldn’t effect anyone’s property as I am sure nobody would be happy having one of these things on their plot !


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Re: Pedestal box

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Might be a distance thing.. some other end point might be to far if it was elsewhere?

I would contact your local town offices.
I would assume if there is a permit it.. there would be some way of contesting it?

Thats the problem with Easements.. that WE are expected to cut the grass on them, make sure they still look nice.
But the town can do/put just about anything on them if they want/allow 😞

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