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No Internet Service for Two Weeks

I've been here awhile

As it stands now, I don’t have internet at my new home after booking someone to come 2 weeks ago. The person who came couldn’t disconnect the fibre for bell to install rogers internet. Now we’re expected to wait another 1-2 weeks for the right technician to come fix the problem that Rogers created. This much of a mess up isn’t acceptable this day and age. My job will be affected in a very negative way by this and it will be costly to use our data for 2 weeks… please send someone to fix this massive mistake.




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Re: No Internet Service for Two Weeks

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Sm1414 do you actually have Bell's Fibre, or do you have Bell's Fibe which can be DSL/VDSL or fibre?  


Are  you in a neighbourhood where you have both Rogers Cable and Bell's Fibre, or Bell's DSL/VDSL service? 


When you indicated new home, does that mean a new home for you, or a new home in a new neighbourhood?  If you're talking about a new home in a new neighbourhood, there is a possibility that the developer only allowed or invited Bell in to service the neighbourhood, which could indicate Bell Fibre only, with no Rogers cable in the neighbourhood.  It just depends on what sort of deal the developer was looking for from the choice of service providers, read (no cost installation with benefits to the developer).  


The devil is in the details so to speak, so, you need to determine what you're referring to, Bell's fibre, or Bell's DSL/VDSL service which is sold as Fibe service.  


Fwiw, in terms of system latency and neighbourhood system loads, which affects video conferencing and gaming, fibre and DSL/VDSL will beat cable service just about every time.  There is a low latency spec written into the DOCSIS spec now, but, I don't expect that to make an appearance in Rogers cable system for many years to come.  So, if you do have Bell's fibre service, I would question why you would switch to Rogers cable system.  I'm assuming that you're talking about cable service, although in a new neighbourhood, you might actually have Rogers Fibre service available.  Once again, the devil is in the details.  I don't know if Bell and Rogers is using the same fibre drop cable to run fibre service into the house from the external demarcation point.  If not, and you're waiting for a Rogers fibre installation, that might mean that Rogers would have to run its own fibre drop cable into the house if the companies use different size fibre cable and slightly different fibre frequencies. 

Re: No Internet Service for Two Weeks

I've been here awhile
The neighborhood has both Rogers and Bell. And we’re waiting for Rogers fibre installation, which means like you pointed out they have to run their own fibre drop cable into the house. Which is what the technician was sent for in the first place on Saturday morning, but he didn’t know how to do it lol. So now we have no internet until they send the right technician who can drop the cable into the house. My only gripe with this is that they knew bell was previously installed here and they should’ve sent the right person. Now we’re stuck with no internet for 1-2 weeks in 2023. NOT GOOD

Re: No Internet Service for Two Weeks

Still have the Bell modem?  If so, reactivate it so that you have service until Rogers finally installs its fibre service.  I wouldn't count on Rogers timelines for installations these days.  You would be better off running Bell's fibre until you can finally switch over to Rogers fibre when its finally installed, running and thoroughly debugged.  Rogers is having problems with new customer modem configurations these days and there are customers who have waited days, weeks, to get the configuration problems sorted out, ending up without internet service in the mean time.  So, running Bell's fibre until Rogers fibre is up and running correctly would be the better approach these days. 


Edit:  when you have time to spare, take a look at the following post:


Rogers uses two Optical Network Terminals these days, as shown in that post.  The beauty of using the Nokia ONTs, is that you can disconnect the modem and replace it with a router.  You're not stuck with a Home Hub modem as you are with Bell.  If you have a router with WAN and LAN 2.5 Gb/s ports, then you can run 2.5 Gb/s service to devices on your network, probably thru an unmanaged switch with 2.5 Gb/s ports.  You still need to keep the modem on hand for troubleshooting with tech support as Rogers doesn't support ONT to router configurations.  Anyways, have a look at the post.  That might get you thinking about the network possibilities.  

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