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Network outage

I've been here awhile
Rogers internet was down last night, do we get credit for the time your network was down? We shouldn't have to pay for the time your service isn't available.

Re: Network outage

I've been here awhile
The service has constant 2 or 3 second blackouts on the ignite tv service. This is highly annoying and we never had this problem with Bell services. Last night there wasn't any internet at all, killing the TV and phone service. Why are we paying for these constant interruptions in service. The least Rogers can do is credit our bill for these network outages.

Re: Network outage

Hello @LLS23 ,


Thanks for joining us here in the Rogers community! We can certainly appreciate how frustrating it is to have your services get disrupted unexpectedly. I personally rely on my internet connection for many different things and would feel a bit lost without it!


Is this issue still happening, as we speak? By any chance, have you reported it to our technical support team, so they may investigate to help resolve the issue or submit a ticket? 


Once an issue has been identified, we can then ensure that your account is properly documented so that you can request a credit adjustment once it has been resolved. We have, in the recent past, applied automatic credits to accounts affected by any wide-spread outages, but this is not usually the case for smaller outages affecting a singular household. 






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