Linked Rogers Email Accounts

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Linked Rogers Email Accounts

Hi, I'd like to unlink my two Rogers email accounts as a search result indicates that both email addresses were searched and the resulting search included emails from both accounts. As the resulting emails are from two different addresses I can't move the results into a single folder. When I go to manage my email accounts I get the warning that "deleting" one account will delete all of its email contents and that the action is not reversible. I don't want to delete either of the accounts, just separate them so that I can sort each account and file the results into separate folders in each account. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I've tried to find a similar issue in the knowledge base and have come up empty. Thanks


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Re: Linked Rogers Email Accounts

Hello, @jgee01.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for joining and for posting your query in the Community! 🙂


The email accounts are not linked so you can't unlink them. And it's true if you delete the email account, all the emails will get deleted. 

Would you please clarify how are you searching? Do you access both of your emails accounts through an email client like Outlook?


If you are using an email client then usually you can define the search parameter like "Current mailbox" etc. before searching your emails. 


Looking forward to hearing more details from you.