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Lag while online gaming (CSGO/valorant)

I've been around



I am reaching out in hopes someone may have some insight into my issue. Ever since getting ignite about a year ago, I get weird lag while playing FPS games. Hard to describe but basically it takes a second for things to register, example if i shoot a gun in csgo, it at times will take a second to register, or i will rubber band while trying to look around a corner.


I have had 3-4 techs out, it seemed replacing my modem helped for a month or 2, however now replacing the modem does nothing. They have tried changing which line I am on, doesn't seem to work. I know it's not my computer as I had that issue before and then recently got a brand new computer and have the exact same issue.


Running out of ideas but it's incredibly frustrating. 


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Re: Lag while online gaming (CSGO/valorant)

I plan to stick around

I assume you are on Lan connection.

Have you tried checking if you are experiencing packet loss ? If your pings to some external IP comes out clean and you still have these weird failure to register shots, then you may have to look at other areas of being potential cause of the problem.
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