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Lag Spikes occur twice every night

I've been here awhile

Every night at 12:22 am and then again at 12:24 am, I get lag spikes and on the xbox, will end up with 1% packet loss after the 2nd spike.  This happens every night without exception.  We have no software running or back ups being done on the network.  The only thing I can think of is Rogers is pushing through updates daily at this time.  Is this the cause of this issue or is there something else I need to worry about?




Re: Lag Spikes occur twice every night

I've been here awhile
Almost daily around 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, my home internet service keeps getting interrupted, every 2 minutes the WiFi connection to my laptop computer would drop. Terrible technical service by a gigantic Telecom Service provider.
With my 40 years of IT background, simply put, I can sense that they have some serious internal issues.

Re: Lag Spikes occur twice every night

I've been around

For me its not just wifi, internet connection directly from modem to pc from 12am - 4am randomly disconnects every few minutes. I've also tried to reboot modem on several occasions but its just temporary fix. Contacted rogers about this, still have no answer in regards to this.

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