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Ethernet caps network at ~100Mbps

I've been around

I've been troubleshooting my network issues with Rogers for weeks and getting nowhere. I claim that my modem is faulty because I can't get speeds over 100Mbps (Ignite 1.5Gb). Was getting nowhere with tech support. 5 calls. 3 techs out to the street. Today they were working on the street and we finally got an improvement! Now when connected to WiFi, I am getting expected speeds. Whenever I hook up Ethernet to the modem, the speeds drop back to ~100Mbps. I went out and bought a brand new CAT6 cable in case mine were at fault. No improvement. The current setup is coax in to modem, Ethernet out to computer. Nothing else connected. Yes, my hardware can handle the speeds (multiple new machines, wifi6 cards, gigabit Ethernet ports, etc), yes I've rebooted everything, yes I've re-seated the coax, yes it is a brand new CAT6 cable, yes I get expected speeds when connecting to WiFi.


I'm under the impression that I simply have a bad modem... but Rogers techs disagree and wont send me a different one. They have however sent 3 techs to the street. First one said problem was fixed. Second one said no problems so it must be resolved. Third one said there were problems and they are now fixed. Can anyone here help? I've literally spent about 14 hours working on this with Rogers and I'm fed up.


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Re: Ethernet caps network at ~100Mbps

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Here are my comments. I hope they help:


1. We have had many posts complaining about Rogers internet speeds. If the line has been checked by a technician and found "clean", in every one of the threads or posts, the customer had the issue and not Rogers, either due to customer equipment or some setting/software in that equipment.  This is why the technicians say things are OK after checking the line with their own equipment.  If there were an issue in the neighbourhood, it would likely vary the Ethernet speed and would also affect the WiFi.


2. The fact that you have good WiFi speeds would indicate there is probably not an issue with the modem.   What is the exact make and model of the modem?  I assume the Ethernet cable is plugged into the appropriate port.


3. If you're running Windows, there is an Auto-Tuning setting that has been the source of problems for many people.  See:


4. Other web searches for slow Ethernet/Internet speeds may also yield other suggestions.  Include your OS and/or equipment into the web search.


Re: Ethernet caps network at ~100Mbps

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@Stubetcha wrote:

Whenever I hook up Ethernet to the modem, the speeds drop back to ~100Mbps. I went out and bought a brand new CAT6 cable in case mine were at fault. No improvement.


Log into your Ignite Gateway and go to "Gateway > Hardware > LAN Ethernet".  If your Connection Speed shows 100 Mb/s, that's your problem and that's as fast as you'll be able to transfer data.  Did you try connecting to a different LAN port?


If you happen to have a Gigabit Ethernet LAN switch, try connecting through that, just in case your computer's LAN card has trouble negotiating a 1 Gb/s connection when directly-connected to the gateway.

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